Our Professional Services​​
Our company is a licensed CPA firm with a genuine commitment to providing quality services that are affordable and personalized. At NMP Professional Services we provide a wide range of professional services to several industries.
Start a Business ​​ 
​​Starting a Business is exciting but also complicated: There is two main requierements to open a business. First, you need to register your business name, secondly, you must apply for a bussines tax ID or identification number. Most companies to operate also require to have specific insurances, licenses, and permits. Companies also require to have a business bank account to keep record of the business income and expenses for tax report purposes and to separate business finances from personal ones.​​​​​​​​​​​

As certified Public Accountants we know the rules and regulations required for every specific business. Let us use our knowledge to help you start your business the right way so you can be successful. For more information and to compare the benefits and drawbacks of the most popular business structure please click here
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Accounting Services ​​ 
Our Accounting service includes: Accounting of daily transactions from bank statements, monthly reconciliation and review,  preparation of financial reports (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and General Ledge), quarterly review and adjustments, annual books cleanup, and representation before the IRS and the State. Our prices start at $100 per month and may vary depending on the business structure, bank accounts in use, and monthly trassaccions. 
Cost Reports​​​​ 
Our cost report service includes analysis and adjustments of accounting records to ensure compliance with Medicare cost reporting regulations, preparation and E-file of cost report, cost report certification page electronically signed, CPA letter and adjusted Financial Statements. Additionally, our cost report services also includes, at no extra charge, preparation of your facility Projected Budgets for three years so your agency complies with Medicare standard 484.1.
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Tax Services​​
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We are a team of Accountants specialized in business and personal tax preparation with more than 25 years of experience and dedication to our community. We know about tax rules and regulations, and we know how it applies to each specific situation. Let us use our knowledge to get you the maximum refund you deserve with the guarantee of a minimum audit risk. 

Payroll Services  ​​ 
​​In our office payroll: This service include biweekly processing of payroll hours, preparation of payroll reports and payments, electronic federal and state tax payments, and timely and accurate preparation of federal 941 and state forms. Our payroll service also include preparation of forms 940, W-2 and 1099 when the year end. 

In your office payroll:
This service include Quick Books payroll set up, payroll training, unlimited support online or by phone. We prepare quarterly federal and state form, and forms 940, W2 and 1099 when the year end. This service is only offered additionally to our accounting services and require a payroll subscription that will be provided to you for free. 
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Audit Services  ​​ 
​​ ​Our professional team not only identify potential business or accounting issues in advance, but we also serve as a business advisor beyond the audit commitment. We take pride in the services offered and serve as a long term advisor, a business confidant to guide our clients in the right direction to reduce the risk of being audited; something for which we are constantly recognized through the testimonies of our clients. Let us use our knowlege and experience to represent your bussiness in any federal, state or Medicare audit. 
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