Medicare Annual Cost Report Preparation   
For cost report services download our                                                         Complete and sign our Proposal and send it by fax or email along with all  the required information so that we may begin working immediately on your cost report. You will get a confirmation email when all documents are received.

To prepare your Medicare Cost Report we also need the Provider Statistical & Reimbursement             To get the PS&R online from CMS you must first​ register.  For instructions how to register click              If you already have the user ID and Password we can get your facility PS&R from CMS at no extra charge, please add a check mark on box 2 of page 3 of our Cost Report Service Proposal and write your user ID and Password on the same page. If you prefer to get the PS&R by yourself you may use this Instructions.

Cost Report Services Proposal.



Team Viewer Software.
We also offer free remote support to get the PS&R.  For remote support please download and  install ​                                           When installing please select the option Personal/No commercial which it is free. After installing Team Viewer please call us to connect online to your computer.  
Our Cost Report Service Includes
Analysis and adjustment of accounting records to ensure compliance with Medicare cost reporting regulations.
Envelope addressed to your fiscal intermediary including the following:

Accountant letter addressed to your fiscal intermediary.​
Electronic cost report and questionnaire submission files.
Medicare cost report worksheet S to be signed.
Financial Statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance).

Binder for your records including the following:

Copy of Provider Statistical & Reimbursement (PS&R) obtained from CMS.
Hard copy of the electronic cost report and questionnaire
Copy of Financial Statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance).​
Projected Budgets for three years to comply with Medicare Standard 484 (i)(1).

We also include Medicare audits and final settlement negotiations if required.
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