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Medicare Cost Report Preparation - All Medicare Intermediaries (Palmetto, NGS, CGS)

For cost report services please download or print our Cost Report Services Proposal .   When it is completed and signed, please send it by fax or email. For periods ending December 31, the cost report is due before May 31 or up to five months after the cost reporting period.

 To prepare your Medicare Cost Report we also need the Provider Statistical & Reimbursement (PS&R) . To get the PS&R online from CMS you must first Register. If you are already registered you may use these Instructions to get your facility PS&R from CMS and when it is ready please send it to us by email. If you prefer that we get your facility PS&R from CMS, you may  request it in our cost report services proposal. 

If you have a Medicare provider number but did not provide services to Medicare patients in the ended year, you need to submit a No-Utilization cost report to keep the Medicare provider number active. Filing a No Utilization Cost Report means that you did not provide any services to Medicare patients and no payments will be claimed for services provided in the reporting period. Call us for more information and price.
Our Cost Report Service Includes
Analysis and adjustments of accounting records to ensure compliance with CMS cost reporting regulations.
To be sent to CMS by              or mail the following:

Certified Public Accountant letter.
Electronic cost report submission files.
Medicare cost report certification page. 
Financial Statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance).

For your company records the following:

Cost Report Content. 
Confirmation of Efile to CMS or USPS tracking number.  
Copy of Provider Statistical & Reimbursement (PS&R) obtained from CMS.
Copy of the electronic cost report and questionnaire.
Copy of Financial Statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance).​
Copy of Certified Public Accountant Letter.
Projected Budgets for three years to comply with Medicare Standard 484 (i)(1).

Content Sample
E-File Sample
We also include Medicare audits and final settlement negotiations if are required.

For your convenience, you may pay your cost report preparation with a credit or debit card from the invoice that will be sent by e-mail or by sending a check by mail. Our invoice must be paid before we start working on your cost report.

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